The long-lasting hydration and soothing power of Nanopids® for those in need of  Dry Eye Relief.

Dry Eye & Tear Film Break-Up Time

A healthy eye will continuously produce fresh tears, keeping the tear film fresh and the eye comfortably lubricated. The automatic blinking response in a healthy eye spreads a continuous film of fresh tears across the eye surface. This is essential for maintaining a stable and healthy tear film.

Tear break-up time (TBUT) measures the time required for tears to naturally evaporate and diffuse after blinking. TBUT in a healthy eye is about 10 to 12 seconds between blinks. A decreased tear break-up time, where the TBUT is less than the blink rate, may indicate a dry eye condition. Measurement of TBUT is often used to diagnose dry eye.

Decreased tear breakup time results in an insufficient quantity of tears to keep the eye comfortably lubricated. As the tears evaporate and diffuse before they can be replaced, dry eye symptoms can worsen. Additionally, a decreased TBUT can result in development of dry spots on the eye surface and an unstable tear film. Left untreated, dry spots resulting from rapid tear break up time may also damage the eye surface over time. This can be recognized by your eye doctor with techniques such as corneal staining and conjunctival staining

If you think you have Dry Eye disease, see your eye doctor for a diagnosis and to explore treatment options. While Dry Eye is usually not curable, the condition can often be improved with treatment. Improved TBUT can be important to managing dry eye.

NanoTears® is a unique innovation in Dry Eye Therapy that contains Nanopids®, tiny soothing lipids that revitalize the eye natural lubrication by restoring the lipid layer of the tear film, and providing a barrier to tear loss. The Nanopids® restore the lipid layer, and reduces tear evaporation. By revitalizing the eyes natural lubrication and restoring the lipid layers, NanoTears® works to provide a barrier to tear loss and may result in improved TBUT for people with dry eye conditions.

NanoTears®, a clear solution that gels in the eye, also lubricates and soothe the eye, providing tear replacement without the blur commonly associated with other products. This may result in increased comfort and decreased symptoms for people with dry eye conditions.

If you are a dry eye patient, ask your doctor if NanoTears® is right for you.

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